Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips

The following are tips that can help you avoid becoming a victim of a crime when you are out and about, or working at your job.  By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risk to yourself, and also discourage those who commit crimes.  Burglars, robbers,... read more

Safety tips for students

Don’t be a statistic. Staying safe is all about following a few common-sense guidelines.   SAFETY TIPS:   Many burglaries happen when a door or window has been left open – in a private home or flat, lock up whenever you go out, with deadbolts if you have... read more

Safety tips at cashpoints

SAFETY TIPS:   Never divulge your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone Be quick and do not hang around the cashpoint when you have completed your transactions Try not to use a cashpoint late at night or in a deserted street Abort if you become... read more

Safety tips for women

Safety Tips:   Always be aware of your surroundings – This applies whether you are traveling alone or in groups. Do not just focus inwardly on your thoughts if you are alone, or your friends if you are together. Keep one eye out for your environment,... read more

Safety tips for men

Personal safety is not just a women’s issue, it affects men as well!   FACT:  Men are twice as likely to be the victim of a violent attack as women.   SAFETY TIPS:   Don’t be flash with your cash or mobile phones, keep their use discreet and put them... read more